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TRACS Air Changes by Room Size

Square feet of room* Air changes per hour created**
80 ft2 23 ACH
100 ft2 19 ACH
200 ft2 9 ACH
300 ft2 6 ACH
400 ft2 5 ACH
600 ft2 3 ACH
800 ft2 2 ACH
1,000 ft2 1.875 ACH
1,500 ft2 1.25 ACH

* 8 ft. ceilings assumed ** Air Changes Per Hour: Term used to measure room airflow (ventilation) rates. ACH is a measure of the rate (time) it takes to clean/remove all of the air in the room, and replace it with clean/fresh air. For example, if 9 ACH are created in a room, then all of the air in the room will be cleaned 9 times per hour. Industry standards recommend a minimum of 3 ACH to achieve a satisfactory reduction in indoor air contamination.