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TRACS Filter and Bulb Replacements

TRACS and EZ air replacements are the same high quality components that you have grown to trust to bring you clean air.

Free Shipping in the 48 contiguous states.

TRACS Annual Filter and Bulb Replacement

Annual TRACS Replacement two Bulb Model
1. Two Bulb Model $170.00
2. Three Bulb model $200.00

TRACS-Annual Plus HEPA Filter Replacement

TRACS-Annual Three Bulb Model Plus HEPA replacement
3. Two Bulb Model $310.00
4. Three Bulb Model $340.00

TRACS or EZ Air Individual Replacement Filter and Bulbs

5. Two pack UV Bulbs $75.00
6. Three pack UV Bulbs $105.00
7. Three pack Carbon Prefilter $105.00
8. Certified HEPA filter 99.99% at 0.3 microns $180.00