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TRACS Total Room Air Cleaning System

HEPA Air Purifier with Germicidal UV. Same technology hospitals use to reduce spread of infectious diseases like Bird Flu H5N1, Avian Influenza, SARS and TB.

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 BRAND NEW TRACS-Total Room Air Cleaning System

Airborne infectious particles put you at risk for seasonal flu, Pandemic Flu, TB and other infectious diseases. You can breathe easily though as this 4-stage air purifier rigorously cleans the air. Two germicidal UV lights kill bacteria, mold, and viruses like Influenza. A hospital grade certified HEPA filter removes 0.3 micron particles at 99.99% efficiency. Resulting in 3-fold decrease in these particles in your air compared to a standard HEPA filter with a 97% efficiency.

Utilizes the same technology hospitals use to prevent the spread of Bird Flu, SARS, & TB. TRACS is the only Air purification system to have the UV light on the intake side of the HEPA, preventing microbial growth on the HEPA filter.

TRACS is the only air purifier on the market with both a certified HEPA filter and germicidal UV protection. This combined with strong airflow, 250 CFM, make the TRACS air purifier your best option for healthy air.

TRACS Replacements are the same high quality components that you have grown to trust to bring you clean air.

The TRACS Carbon Pre-filter removes airborne dust, odors, and gaseous pollutants more efficiently than standard carbon filters. Over 3.5 lbs of activated carbon and zeolite continuously adsorb odors, chemicals and gases while extending the HEPA filter life-span. Effectively removes household and office odors such as food, pet odors, smoke, styrene, mercaptans, and aerosols. Also removes difficult gaseous pollutants including formaldehyde, ethylene, hydrogen sulfide and ammonia. The TRACS Carbon Pre-filter continuously decreases the overall levels of indoor airborne pollutants.

The TRACS HEPA Filter is an individually certified, hospital grade unit providing 80 square feet of media to remove dust, dander, mold, allergens and particulate with a minimum service life of 3-4 years in normal environments. Each TRACS HEPA filter is individually tested and guaranteed to ensure the entire unit's efficiency of 99.99% efficient at 0.3 microns. Many commercial and residential HEPA filter units are not tested for air leakage, but all TRACS HEPA filters undergo the same testing procedure as the high efficiency filters used for high risk infection control in hospitals.

The TRACS UV lamps bathe the dirty/inlet side of the HEPA filter destroy airborne bacteria, viruses and larger microorganisms as well as those trapped on the filter surface. Continuous UV bathing preserves the integrity of the HEPA filter by preventing the growth of microorganisms such as mold and can extend the filter life to 6 years.

    TRACS Product Specifications
  • Full 5 year manufacturers warranty on air purifier
  • Rounded edge cabinet comes in three colors for home, business, or any area where indoor germs and air quality may be of concern.
  • TRACS Effectively cleans the air of a 600 sq. ft. room, three times an hour see air changes by room size for more details.
  • Quietest and most efficient air flow system on the market operation permits discreet operation in any room.
  • Easy, low cost replacement filters.
  • Activated carbon and zeolite pre-filters remove gases, odors and large particles.
  • TRACS Does not generate Ozone which is harmful to lung health. (see quote)
  • Easy touch pad controls air speed. Silent operation while maintaining a hospital grade efficiency with the new low "Whisp-Air" speed feature.
  • Dimensions 15 x 15 x 22 inches.
  • Air intake on 3 sides-Pulls air from the breathing zone (3-6 ft in height) to clean microbes from where you breath.
  • Separate UV on & off switch permits independent use and allows you to ensure the HEPA Filter is free from contamination before turning off or removing filter.
  • Each TRACS HEPA can last up to 6 Years due to UV protection from microbes, lowering your operating costs.
  • Effectiveness of TRACS HEPA and UV lights monitored to indicate when it is time for replacement.